Jason Kelce & The Case of the Not so Stolen Mask

Jason Kelce & The Case of the Not so Stolen Mask

  You might’ve seen the pictures or the videos of Jason Kelce wearing a Luchador mask at the SuperBowl LVIII after party/parties. At first Kelce  said he “found” the mask on the dance floor of the first after party, which I personally find hilarious. I have thought this mask situation was funny the whole time because I had an inkling there was more to it

   As our boy Jason was trying to piece the night together, he for some reason believed he acquired it on a dance floor. As great as that sounds, it wasn’t exactly correct. Kelce soon found out he got the mask from Elijah Smith, a 13 year old Chief’s Fan. The eighth grader even got a picture with Kelce. I believe this is the first picture taken of Jason wearing the mask.


    The celebration was just beginning at this point. They were at a party for the entire Chiefs organization, as well as their families and friends. The Texas teen was also at the party, with his parents, Thad and Sarah Smith. The Smith’s are friends with Kansas City Chiefs owner, hence their attendance.

 The Philadelphia Eagles Center, Jason Kelce was at the party with his little brother, KC’s Chiefs Tight-end, Travis Kelce. Also in attendance was, Jason’s gorgeous wife Kylie, SuperBowl LVIII MVP Patrick Mahomes, and the beautiful Brittany Mahomes. Last but not least, the stunning, fourteen time grammy award winner, Taylor Swift was also there. While they were all still at this party, Elijah did try to get his mask back from Jason but he couldn’t find him in the crowd. 

The Kansas City Luchador Mask is not only credited for taking the SB after party experience to the next level, it is also a good luck charm to the Texas eighth grader, Elijah Smith and his parents. The mask was also autographed by Kansas City Cornerback, Trent McDuffle at last year’s SuperBowl celebration in Arizona.


After seeing their mask had taken over the internet, the Smith’s took to social media to contact Jason about returning it.


Directly below I shared the posts of the Smith’s  comments on social media and other news outlets trying to get their very special good luck charm back.

Do not forget to read Jason’s response to the 13 year old Kansas City fan that lent him the mask.

As of now 10 days after SuperBowl LVIII it’s rumored the Philadelphia veteran, Kelce, has FaceTimed with the Junior High student. I’m delighted to hear this story had a happy ending. In my opinion, the Smiths have been extremely  understanding about this whole ordeal. I suppose that’s why their 13 year old is so cool, that he was hanging out with a group of celebrities at a SuperBowl after-party. At the end of the day, if that was my mask, I would love it even more now. It has a life of its own. You are awesome Smiths!

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